About us

We are abdalrahman ibnouf company LTD

Factory background:

 Our manufacturing units of Abd Elrehman Ibnouf Medical Supplies factory (ABI) has been established since 2007, and we began the installation of machinery and production in March 2011.

Operation space: 7,000 square meters

  1. of employees: 102

Factory sections
* Medical cotton production department       (ABSORBENT COTTON).
* The production of belts and garters Medical Department (MEDICAL SUPPORT).
Quality policy
we strive to offer our customers a product of high quality and standard specifications. This is achieved through the following:
 * implementation of contracts simply with full compliance of quality standards provided to customers   in timely fashion.

* Applying all laws and regulations related to the good functioning and developing work.

* Optimal use of resources with the latest modern technological methods to keep pace with  progress in the field of work, which leads to continuous improvement and developing the methods of work at the company.

* Attention to train and educate workers to develop their skills in business and personal services, to build good relations with customers.

* Continuous improvement in the performance of quality management systems, through the evaluation and follow-up and periodic reviews operations.

* Develop positive goals and create appropriate working environment and periodically review the achievement of these goals, which serve as the basis for the formulation of new targets.

* This policy declared and understandable for workers and are available to customers and suppliers and are reviewed periodically.

Goals & Objectives
• Achieve customer requirements by 95%.
• supply the products on time and agreed upon by 90%.
• Increase sales upward.
• Increase production rate upward.

Functional message
we are committed to providing distinctive products matching international standards and meet the requirements of our customers through the applying of quality, staff training and continuous development Systems.

Future vision
Our vision aims to (ABI) to be one of the leaders and distinctive  in the field of industry  of belts, medical ligaments and medical cotton products so as to cover the local market and meet the needs of Africa and the Gulf states , through:
* Provide a world-class machines.
* Provide a workforce trained and qualified.
* Follow the quality management system with continuous improvement.
* Obligation to carry out preventive and corrective action in a timely manner.
* Received customer complaints and strive to appease them.
* Follow the global and local requirements for the product.
* Increase production and diversify so that it covers the targeted demand in the distribution area.