skin traction kit

Item Type : skin traction kit
Place of Origin : sudan (albageer)
is_customized : Yes
Brand Name : skin traction kit
Material : adhesive nonwoven close foam plastic panel Gallows Traction
Size : adult child
color : WHITE

Skin Traction - Lower Extremity :

Buck's skin traction is widely used in the lower limb for femoral fractures, lower backache, acetabular and hip fractures. Skin traction rarely reduces a fracture, but reduces pain and maintains length in fractures.

Method :

The skin is prepared and shaved -it must be dry. Friar's balsam may be used to improve adhesion. The commercially available strapping is applied to the skin and wound on with an overlapping layer of bandage. The bandage should not extend above the level of the fracture.

Dangers of Skin Traction :

  • Distal Oedema.
    • Vascular obstruction.
    • Peroneal nerve palsy.
    • Skin Necrosis over bony prominence's.

    Gallows Traction :

This is used in infants and children with femoral fractures.
Indications Gallows Traction
• Child must weigh less than 12 kg.
• Femoral fractures.
• Skin must be intact.
Both the fractured and the well femur are placed in skin traction and the infant is suspended by these from a special frame. Vascular compromise is the biggest danger. Check the circulation twice daily. The buttocks should be just off the bed.

Femur Fractures in older children :

Older children with femur fractures can be treated with skin traction in a Thomas splint. Unlike the adult the knee must be kept straight in the Thomas Splint. Skin traction in a Thomas Splint.
The ring of the Thomas splint must allow two finger clearance on all sides- try it on the well leg for fit before applying. The skin strapping is applied and the Thomas Splint fitted. The ropes from the strapping are tied to the end of the Thomas splint. The outer one is passed under the Thomas splint bar and the inner one Over. This rotates the foot internally. The limb is rested on three flannel strips