• Working table of the sales literature team at the company:
The work of the team of deputies in the capital is divided into several areas, Which are as follows:
The three cities of Khartoum, Bahri and Omdurman are divided into Khartoum, North, Khartoum, South Omdurman, North Omdurman, and Bahri to one region.

The agenda of the daily delegate as follows:

He has to visit 25 pharmacies a day. All the products are priced at the selling price of the company and the price is allocated to the pharmacy.
The representative goes to the pharmacy and talks with the pharmacist in charge of the products and their features and the after sales service of the company After sales service is the replacement of any product which has a defect of manufacturing, storage or transportation defects. It is replaced for any of the previous reasons and is one of the advantages of local manufacturing.
The pharmacist is alerted to the fact that doctors in the area know the product well and know its benefits to patients.
The owner of the pharmacy is given an appropriate and convenient period of repayment up to three months.
Format is left by the representative in the pharmacy for customer complaints and opinions about the product for continuous improvement and benefit from criticism for product and service development.
The order is then determined by the customer and the order is executed in a period of 24 to 72 hours.
There is a special stand that displays the product with the logo of the company. The order is then authenticated by the supervisor and the manager. The invoice is printed and delivered to the store where the warehouse secretary prepares it during the day and it is delivered on the next day and delivered by the delivery cars of the company. Place in the pharmacy and pricing.
In addition, the company has a special representative to follow the product from organizing, pricing and cleaning the product periodically and inform the company to replace the non-consumed products and damaged the pharmacy and replace them with the appropriate product.